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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hunters Hog Heaven

Do You Know These Guys, if not Than you Probably Have never eaten Really good BBQ, From a Truck ,
Beside the Road. And then Like I said You Have Never Eaten Really Good BBQ.
As most Folks Know I love Food ,Then add BBQ Sauce and Throw it on a Bun top it With Some Cole Slaw , What else does a Fat Boy Need? Well some Napkins would be Nice 'Cause I had my good Shirt on Today.

You Driven Around And See
This Truck I Don't Care Where You at; Me Myself  I was in Lake Wylie SC Just South Of Charlotte NC
You need To Stop And Enjoy Yourself ,Get You a Big Pork
Or Beef BBQ Sandwich some sides like Baked Beans or Slaw , Onion Rings or French Fries, Them Boys even Got Fried Apple Pies.
This and a Drink For Around 5 Bucks This Sandwich Is
Legendary. The Only Thing I Can Say Is I Gotta Go Back
And I Gotta Try The Beef Next Time. If You Don't Have
These Guys with in Driving Distance Of Where You Live
You Should Be Very Jealous of Those Of Us Who Do.


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