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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hey folks , If you have made it to the blog page we are glad you made it. Not much to see really just a post about these what look to be fabulous pastries or Meat Pies ,I sure could go for one right now ,for this has been one long day that seems to be for nil, we started out with high hopes and going hard at it when everything seemed to crash We can't friend anyone else on facebook "cause they said we are only allowed 20 friends a day ,but be assured you are still in line if you tried to friend us and Thank You so much. The blog page crashed and for some strange reason the    Mrs King's Pork Pies   
part is all thats left but go by and visit their page its an amazing story of a very old bakery and family pride that keeps it going and they promise to add to the blog when we are back to better days.

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