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Monday, March 21, 2011

Beef cattle industry in our industry experts conspiracy Sustainable Development – beef industry, bee
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Article by jekky

not long ago, held in nanyang city, henan, china development forum on the , , famous entrepreneurs, experts gathered to analyze the present situation of china’s cattle, our conspiracy scale, intensive, industrial sustainable development. present situation analysis?? establish to develop new ideas around the china agricultural university, associate professor cao binghai “beef industry r & d in china and the developed countries the main gap and strategy” launched a discussion of this proposition, the purpose is to discover gaps, identify the causes and strive to catch up, to provide decision-making reference, which embodied the national technology systems labor of 562 members. in the report, cao binghai that the mainstream of china’s beef is in the “introduction” phase, mainly in the “cattle, slaughter facilities and meat quality and safety of the concept” three other aspects of basic also “nothing segment. ” in addition, compared with developed countries, china’s beef the innovative use of resources, there are gaps in breeding, husbandry and nutritional regulation of the slow progress in technology, cattle veterinary medical research has not been the original innovation, industry, lack of medical service system, post-mortem treatment safety and meat quality control technology should be strengthened, economic and technological development of beef a low level of technical service network does not sound beef cattle. in view of this situation, cao binghai that china should vigorously promote the beef division cooperation increase the promotion of team building the first line of research to improve technology to promote effective mechanisms and approaches to enhance long-term and focused investment, strengthen international cooperation, international cooperation in the establishment of a special fund, to go abroad for the beef basis. professor zhang yuejie jilin agricultural university, entitled ” financial crisis on the impact of china’s beef industry “report that the direct inhibition of the financial crisis of our beef export demand, but also reduces the demand for domestic beef. in addition, the financial crisis on china is also the total supply of beef and beef farmers have had some negative effects. however, the financial crisis does not fundamentally undermine our country’s beef , although the negative impact brought about, but also brought opportunities for development, beef to fight for state funds and preferential policies to seize the from the supply source changes strengthen the improvement of beef cattle germplasm to strengthen the safety of beef production management system, and ultimately the health of beef for sustainable development. food safety ?? take large-scale industrial development path capital group and deputy party secretary of agriculture fan xueshan a report entitled “china’s dairy production system and security control” of the report, explained the significance of the implementation of standardized system and the capital of high-yield agriculture and dairy group management model, on the beef cattle enterprise has great reference. as with the first animal known as the milk, fan xueshan that can not raise cattle the way to raise beef cattle, nor can be used to support a means of dairy cattle; and one a model of china’s dairy farming is definitely not mainstream, to lead farmers from individual to individual farmers, farmers direction, scale, intensive, industrial farming road. forum, the most eye-catching scene from ireland food board breiffinikennedy, as the council’s asian chief, he illustrated introduction to the status of the irish beef industry and production technology, that ireland dairy products and beef export success, the key is high-quality cattle. breiffinikennedy the report be thinking of breeding the same scene recognition. nanjing agricultural university professor peng zengqi entitled “current situation and prevention injection of beef,” reports that cattle slaughter process to standardize and strengthen market supervision, strengthen the training of practitioners and consumers of beef cattle industry quality and safety awareness, and organize expert training team to conduct the business of the relevant personnel quality beef, beef grading of such knowledge separate training; in addition, through various media to publicize methods of identifying beef injection, how to buy high-quality beef, guide consumption the health consumer, the tough fight lay eliminate beef injection.

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