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Thursday, March 3, 2011

McDonald’s McLobster Sandwich

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 McDonalds  latest creation  the McLobster has many wondering what  it is and where it can be purchased. Like the McRib, (Which this fat boy enjoys very much) folks are wondering where and when they can get theirs. Also is the sandwich real, and are the rumors true. The only thing we know for sure  is that it has McJunkies talking about it on the Internet.
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The story goes that the fast food giant has released the newest sandwich which really isn't new ,according to a friend of mine who lives in Maine the McLobster comes around every year and is kind of like the McRib in the fact that it is for a limited time only .
In fact, the sandwich claims to contain 100% lobster meat and as the folks in the New England area and in parts of Canada know its been around for a while now. As for us folks in other parts of the world I say we trade the fine Folks of New England and parts of Canada 2 McRibs for a McLobster. There is no reason to be snobby about this, Share with your fellow McJunkies.   

I don't know if the fine folks of New England even know of our creation the, "McRib Sandwich" though it is one fine processed pork sandwich, Dripping with special BBQ sauce, and it  looks just like a half-rack of baby-backs. I am sure the McLobster is no slouch its self. It maybe hard to believe but this Southern Fat Boy can enjoy some fine northern quazine from time to time.

One thing I would suggest to Mickey Dees is to at least make the tired hot dog bun to resemble the tail of a lobster it couldn't really be that hard to do; as stated above the McRib looks just like a rack of baby backs.

One other site I visited had this appetizing description of the McLobster as a concoction that resembles regurgitated meat, laced with mayo that is made to look like a lobster salad. It all comes stuffed inside a hot dog bun, is served with fries, and comes with the obligatory beverage.

Now I think this description was un called for; I realize if you are not a self procliamed "McJunkie"you may not be able to grasp the finery's of the fast food diet but that is just nasty.

"Mc Junkie" is a trade word of I am a foodie50.blogspot.com.

and is used to describe those of us who enjoy McDonald’s 

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