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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

After trying several fancy and some almost Bazaar Burger Recipes ,I can safely say I have had about enough Hamburger for the week :

For the most part they all had something I liked about them, and I don't think there was one recipe that didn't include onions, which was a good thing.
I enjoy onions with just about any recipe and they are definitely a plus with burgers, fried, caramelized,diced,minced or just sliced I think it is safe to say I love onions.

Now when it comes to adding steak sauce like A-1 or Heinz 57  both very good products in their own place and are very good in a lot of recipes ,I myself just don't care for them in Hamburgers.

I have found out that most anything you can put on top of a burger is pretty much okay, I am just not a fan of
adding to the meat, I like Hamburger in my Hamburger.

As for cheese's anything goes even combination's  of cheese's . We tried Philly Cream Cheese,Munster,Cheddar,Pepper Jack,Monetary Jack,American even Parmesan 
And I think there might have been one with Cottage Cheese but I don't know if I really want to know that for sure.

Some folks swear by Charcoal Grills, some prefer  George Foreman Grills others conventional kitchen stoves. For me I don't have a real preference of how its cooked as long as you don't cook it to long.
Burgers just as any beef I eat I enjoy them rare.

I have found out this week and I would not have realized this with out trying all the many recipes we received
I enjoy a Thick, Rare burger seasoned with salt & pepper topped with lettuce, tomato, Dill Pickles and with Garlic Mayo and very little Ketchup. 

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